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Speak poor English, rush through the rental

It's terrible to see this recent trend with rental companies demanding a receipt from a gas station within 10 miles of the airport you return your car to. That was one of Dollar's terms that the infamous Travis refused to properly explain to me. When I returned the car my receipt was 15 miles away and even though the tank was still full they charged me over $9.00 for a gallon to compensate. It's a small amount but it's still PRICE GOUGING. The woman (not a lady) who checked my car back in refused to accept my argument that Travis didn't explain their policy. I will never rent from Dollar again.


Mentionable Staff
Travis - should be fired
Altogether you get a very poor experience renting from Dollar, and it was the worst at Richmond airport. The staff there are in a hurry to complete your rental without properly explaining the terms, and their agent Travis in particular did not seem to care whether I understood his terrible English. He spoke very quietly with a thick accent, and after asking him four or five times to repeat himself, I gave up and initialed every box on the electronic sign-in.
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