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Dollar Car Rental Reagan Nat'l Airport Washington DC

One star The Dollar rental counter is located off- site from Reagan National Airport necessitating a shuttle ride of about five minutes. The shuttle driver did not offer to assist my wife with her luggage. I stood in line at the pickup counter for 35 minutes before I was able to conduct my business. While there were three counter clerks, one clerk would just get up and walk outside for no apparent reason or would start talking to another clerk before assisting the next customer in line. The counter clerk I dealt with did not apologize for the wait saying “We’re busy today.” Upon completion of the rental contract with the inside agent, he told me to go outside where someone would help me. Outside, an agent, did not look at my contract, and just waved towards a row of cars telling me “pick anything under the bridge.” There were three cars under the bridge and one was occupied with a customer. After loading our luggage into the trunk of a Mazda and pulling up to the exit gate, I noticed the water temperature light was lit. The gate keeper told me I could back up and select another vehicle if I wanted to do so. I backed up, unloaded the luggage and passengers and tried to get help from an outside agent. When I explained to an outside agent that the exit agent said to pick another car, the agent said “Well did you?” I asked him what car could I take and he got angry, looked at my contract, and said “Take #2.” My group loaded our luggage into the trunk and drove off into the sun. As the sun went down, I noticed the inside of the windshield had some type of sticky residue on it and could not be cleaned. The interior of the car was not much better. The counter clerk had offered me three options for gasoline; prepay at $2.45 per gallon, fill up the tank within 10 miles before returning the car, or do nothing and let Dollar refuel the car at $9.99 per gallon. I chose the option of filling up prior to returning the car. I found a gas station within the 10 mile limit and refueled at $2.15 per gallon before returning the car. All the employees I talked to and conducted business with seemed to be angry, unfriendly, and acting as if I was intruding upon their daily business. The one star is given to the woman who checked us in upon returning the car. She was the only company representative that was friendly and helpful. I cannot recommend Dollar Car Rental. 

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