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Terrible customer service

We rented this car for a business trip to Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee and had customer appointments set up for the three days we were in the area. On the first day, our car broke down on I-355 in Chicago around 1:40 pm, 2 hours after we rented it. This car was fairly new and just all of a sudden lost all power.

We called the Avis number to report this and they said they had a location 8 miles from where we were and they would get us a new car. We then got a text from the tow truck company saying he would be there at 3:53 pm with the new car. Needless to say we were not happy about this and called in again to explain we had customer appointments we were going to miss, that it was almost 90 degrees outside and we were stuck on the side of the highway where cars and trucks we whizzing by at 75-80 miles per hour and we did not feel this was a safe place to be. We asked the Avis agent to send someone from their location 8 miles away to pick us up and get us off the road, where we would be safe and in air conditioning. Instead they said they would get the tow truck driver to us more quickly. Well, that was a lie because the driver showed up exactly at 3:53 pm. So we had no water, in 90 degree heat for over 2 hours and we missed our three appointments which will result in lost sales to our company.

After this we exchanged several email with Avis to ask how they planned on making this up to us for the inconvenience and lost time and sales. They replied by saying we had to address it with the Avis people at the airport when we returned and that there was nothing they could do. Upon our return, the Avis people were not at all familiar with what happened or interested in hearing what happened. They gave us credit for one day of the rental. Now we had a Vice President and a Regional Sales Manager stuck in a hot car on a dangerous highway for over 2 hours who missed 3 appointments, and that loss of productivity at about $320, plus the loss of sales, is a bit more than the $68 they gave us in a discount. After the fact, we emailed them one last time to give them a chance to make this right and they refused.

Avis had a chance to make this right. It is very short sighted on their part to do nothing further. Even just good customer skills would have helped smooth things over. The least they could have done is credited the whole amount and apologized. The cost of the rental is not our concern as we have people traveling the US, Canada and Mexico every week and $250 is not going to break our company. The issue is how we were treated, left in a hot and unsafe environment and our concerns all but disregarded. Avis has been removed from our list of approved car rental companies.

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