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Avis tries harder - for the upsell

First let me preface this review by saying I travel frequently and we always rent from Avis, we are a corporate direct bill customer with specific rates pre-established. I arrived at MDW and was shuttled to the rental car center. I generally check with the counter as it is hit or miss if I am on the "Preferred" check in board. It is usually no issue and at nearly every other airport the Avis staff have me on my way in minutes. This however, was not one of those occasions. I stopped at the counter, explained that I was not sure if I was on the Preferred board, but that I did have a reservation. The attendant checked my reservation and driver's license and then told me they would have to check if they had any cars. She told me I could be on my way immediately if I wanted to take the Lincoln Navigator for an additional $45 per day over the $67 per day corporate rate. I declined and asked for the standard mid-size SUV that I always rent, Explorer, Equinox, Journey, etc...she said she would have to call the "shed", which I took to mean the booth outside in the lot. She called and called and called, 20 minutes and could not get an answer. She checked with another agent to confirm the extension was correct, and called again. After several more minutes of no response she again offered the Navigator, this time at an additional $25 per day. I said no, I would not pay, nor have the company pay any additional fees over the corporate negotiated rates, and if they did not have the car I reserved, they should just give me the next best thing. She again offered the Navigator and I said sure, if it is no additional charge. Ah, but no, it would be $25 additional per day. I again declined. Suddenly, she was able to get through to the "shed" and they told her that they had a Ford Flex for me. Then the additional upsells...Navigation? No thank you...Additional insurance? No, thank you, please check our rate info, we have a negotiated insurance waiver...oh, right I about gas? No, again please check our rate, we return empty or without refueling and we are billed for the fuel at the current prepay rate, it's all right there in our corporate agreement. Finally, 35 minutes standing at the counter and I was on my way...Avis should try harder to not try the upsell so hard, there must be a heck of an incentive or bonus for those upsells...for a business traveler, getting in and out quickly is the real upsell.

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