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You're better off walking!

Worst car rental experience EVER!!! I booked my rental through Hotwire in early November for a car I needed in late January. When I picked up the car, the agent asked if I wanted the optional insurance, and I said no, because I already have full coverage and my policy covers rental vehicles. They ended up charging me anyway, but I didn't notice until I got back from my vacation. The craziest part is that the insurance they charged me cost more than the rental itself! Seriously! The rental rate was $20.99/day, but the insurance was $29.99/day!
On top of that, the car had brown sticky stuff spilled all over the inside (which I didn't notice when I picked it up because it was nighttime and the parking garage was dark).

But the WORST part was that the remote door locks stopped working after the first day. That meant the only way to open the car was to manually unlock it, which set off the alarm. To shut the alarm off, you had to start the ignition. This made the door locks automatically re-lock, and I ended up getting locked out of the car right before sunset on a remote beach at a state park less than an hour before the park closed for the night. It was only 45 degrees outside when it happened, and rapidly getting colder due to the sun setting. I had my 5-year-old son with me, and my cell phone and purse were in the car, so I had no means of contacting anyone for help. Fortunately, a man who was leaving the park saw us and let us borrow his phone to call for help. I called MY insurance company, who said they would send someone out to unlock the car for us.

It was a frightening experience though, because they guy who let me borrow his phone to make the call left right after that, so I was worried that if the emergency technician couldn't find us or couldn't get into the park (because they were about to lock the entrances), we might wind up being stuck there overnight. Thank goodness the emergency tech found us after about an hour. I was so grateful!

Of course I told Hertz about it, but they only offered to refund 1/3 of the rental fee. It was only later when I realized they had charged me for the additional insurance I said I didn't want in the first place, and when I called to complain about that, they only offered to refund me half of that fee. They said they weren't authorized to give me a full refund, because I has signed paperwork that mentioned the charge in there. I told them I misunderstood the charge, and thought I was paying for the rental rate, not the optional insurance. I also said I didn't understand how they could be authorized to refund me half of a bogus charge, but not all. The woman I talked to said that was their policy and I should expect to see the partial refund in 3-5 business days. Then she said (very curtly) "Have a nice day," and hung up on me.

Ugh. I am so furious I could spit! Their poorly maintained vehicles literally jeopardized my son's and my safety, and their response to the situation was absolutely pitiful. I will NEVER use Hertz again after that ordeal!

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