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Warning to All - Thrifty at Phoenix Airport

A note I sent to Thrifty Car Rental about my recent horrible experience. Below is their response.

I am contacting you in hopes that you can right a wrong.

I recently rented a car at your Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. The following is the series of events which lead me to contacting you:

2/18/20: booked and prepaid a rental via Hotwire for $295 with you for compact SUV to be picked up 2/29/20 and returned 3/7/20.

2/29: picked up car and advised the agent I had a Hotwire agreement and I didn’t want any additional items. He then put in front of me a laminated paper with options with no prices. I again reiterated I did not want additional insurance. He had me choose one then sign the small computer screen. At no time did he ever tell me there would be additional fees. I had no reason to believe I would incur an ADDITIONAL $440.38. He then tucked the rental record in the sleeve and instructed us where to pick up the vehicle. We did so and left.

3/3/20: I checked my credit card statement while on vacation and discovered an additional $586 charge. I immediately called 800-334-1705 and was told of the additional charges. They told me the only way to change these charges I never would have agreed to, to come back to the Phoenix airport (now 4 hours away) to terminate the agreement and start a new one. I asked to talk to a manager. They instructed me to call another number 877-283-0988 to discuss the issue.

I called 877-283-0988 and after explaining my situation, I was told to call 877-896-5009 which was now closed.

3/4/20: 11:20am Called 877-896-5009 and I explained my situation and the person told me all I had to do was bring the car back as per the original agreement and explain that I had an agreement with Hotwire and it would be taken care of.

3/9/20: 2:21pm CST called 877-896-4970 I was on the phone for 15 min and they told me there was nothing they could do. I asked to talk to a manager. They hung up while apparently transferring me. I immediately called back and discussed the situation with another person for 21 minutes and kept asking to talk to a manager. She kept reiterating there was nothing a manager could do. I kept asking to speak with a manager. As you can imagine my patience at this point was limited and my frustration was growing. She finally said she promised she would have a manager call me back within 24 hours.

3/10/20: 5:40pm no manager called back after 27 hours. I called 877-896-4970 and was on hold for 27 min. Agent said there was nothing they could do and again I asked to talk to a manager. She then said the only thing I could do was call Phoenix Thrifty and instructed me to call 877-283-0898 and choose option 8 and then extension 9. I repeated the instructions back.

I called 877-283-0898 and there was no option 8 or extension 9. I held for 7 min.

I called the airport rental number 602-683-3741. They gave me another local number to call.

I called 602-244-0311 and was told to call 800-847-4389 and don’t press anything. I got reservations. Was on hold for 17 min and explained my issue and was told I had to call 800-334-1705.

I called 800-334-1705 and they were closed tonight.

Can you see my frustration about the fact I thought I had an agreement for a rental for $295 and then find out it was a total of $735.38? And then when I discovered it, I was assured it would be taken care of after my vacation and after returning the vehicle.

I have spent countless hours trying to right this wrong. Will you help?
Rental record# 423926591

Their response:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your recent rental.

According to our records, an additional service of coverage was accepted at the time of rental. These options are not included in the base rental rate and are billed in addition to the rental rate.

I hope this clarifies the billing received.

If I can provide any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me directly by replying to this email.


Unacceptable. Ideas on how to right this wrong?

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