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Thrifty - dishonest employees & scam company

Stay away from Thrifty Car Rental - Their business model is a dishonest bait and switch. From my on-line booking to the person at the desk, I was subjected to one dishonest scam after another. My $40 on-line booking was mysteriously on the wrong day when I checked, so I had to call. They raised the rate because I called. So my $40 on-line rental ended up costing $160 for a 20 hr. rental. Go with a more reputable company and save yourself a lot of grief.


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Mario Garcia
At the counter, I told the clerk several times that I did not need the insurance. The screen on the little terminal I signed in on was mysteriously missing the 'decline' key - it only had the 'accept insurance' key. When I pointed this out, the clerk said that he would take care of it (he didn't). When he suggested the pre-pay fill, I asked if I would pay only for the gas I used, and he said yes (I ended up paying for a full tank after using about 4 gallons).
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