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Hertz is not a serious : too many problems (scam, booked SUV not available 2 times..)

I booked a car thru and it was mentionned that the office was at the Trinidad Piarco airport. On arrival : i searched the Hertz office inside the airport and it was not there. I learned the office was outside of the airport and you have to call to be picked up to go to the office. So Hertz lied when they said the office was at the airport and i waste a lot of time.
There was a major problem to take the car : the deposit which was not a pre-authorization on my Amex but a real payment of 500 US $. My account is in Euros and i will have to pay change fees for the paiement in dollars to euros , and when they will refund : the same fees will be charged for the conversion of dollars to euros. So around 10% of the 500$ will be lost for me and it doubled the rate of the car because i just rented it for 1 day.
So i just left without a car because such prehistoric behavior with a real deposit is unacceptable and i will never use Hertz again because i had so many problems with them : 2 times (Jamaica, Domenican Republic) they don't delivered the SUV booked for months and i had to change my itinerary, i have been also scamed by Hertz in some countries (they charged for a full tank in italy when the car has been refueled, they charged my card in Panama after the return without incidents, they also charged me in Italy for "police" ticket but when you asked the copy of this ticket : they can't provide it). So with Hertz : you have to check carefully your credit card account because they keep your credit card number and will be able to use it. I don't say all Hertz agencies are dishonnest but i had a lot of problems with some of them because it's a real problem to be refund.
So there is no way i will use again Hertz for my rental cars. And their customer service is very slow to answer and when you say you wasted your vacations because you had to modify your plans and itinerary because you didn't get the booked SUV : they are just very sorry -
They are right : it doesn't cost anything - excuses are free ! so boycott Hertz because it's not a serious company. I used their competitors and i don't get so much problems.

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