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Got a car rented at the airport in Malta for 5 days via a UK agent. On day 1 the car would not start, i called their support and said if it happens again to return it. It didn't happen again until 3 hours before I returned the car back to the airport, I entered the vehicle and suddenly the car would not start again. I called Road-Support and instead of a mechanic, an employee of Goldcar came who concluded (without checking the engine) that it was a fault with the 'Catalytic Convertor' and that I should be charged 1,100.00 Euros!!!

When I asked how could he possibly conclude it was the 'Catalytic Converter' he said let me ask my manager. He called his manager and his manager (over the phone) concluded it was the catalytic Convertor. The employee asked me to sign that I agree with this damage. I told him I don't agree because it's not a damage, it's wear-and-tear , I had no accidents, no crashes, did not go over the speed limit, did not miss-use the car . He said that it's either I sign or they take the 1,100.00 Euros anyway from my deposit. He went on to say that if I don't sign then I lose 1,100.00 Euros from my deposit where-as if I signed I would be eligible for a refund from the UK Agent from where I book the car.

I asked him how would i possibly get a refund from the UK agent and he said that the specific UK Agent ( provides an insurance by default with every booking and that the UK agent would refund me up to 1,100.00 Euros.

With 15 minutes left to appear at the airport before my check-in closed, I had to make the rush decision and accept and sign his paper.

The result: I got charged 1,100.00 Euros from Goldcar for a problem that already existed! The UK Agency refused to refund me any money back on the basis that I have no insurance with them.

Goldcar then replied to my email asking for a refund saying that I should have purchased the 'Super Flex Insurance' if I did not want any troubles with them (which cost 250.00 Euros for 5 days).

I am now going through the legal route as well as going to report them to:
- the European Consumer Centres Network
- Malta Tourism Authority
- Malta Competition & Consumer Affairs Authority
- Personal lawyer based in Malta

The Goldcar employee lied and misled me about:
- That I was being covered by insurance from the 3rd party agent ( for any issues up to 1,100.00 Euros which was a lie, I was not
- That the problem with the car was the 'Catalytic Convertor' even though he did not check the car to make that conclusion
- Threaten me that if I did not sign the paper then Goldcar would still get the money from my deposit and that I would lose my right to Claim it back. This is the biggest misleading information he gave me because it turns out that as a VISA Cardholder I would have been able to cancel any pre-authorization and block them from taking my deposit, but he lied.
- He admited that he was not a mechanic but an employee so he could have not possibly know that the problem could be with the 'catalytic Convertor'.

I'm giving Goldcar 1 more day to reply to my emails and confirm that they will refund the money back to me else my company is taking further action .


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