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Deposit stolen despite buying their surcharged insurance

My relatives rented a car from Goldcar MALTA over the last week, 14-19 of September. They was pushed to buy their super relax cover insurance, which I did. Later on the third day, my father noticed a dent that could only be seen if viewed from a distance, as it was in the lower bodywork. He called them immediately and informed them (16.09 9.49), as per their instructions for the super relax cover, and was told to “not worry about it”.

Upon returning the car the parking attendant, Mevrui, agreed that it was old damage caused by the previous renter, but still charged me 1150 euros as a “procedure”. He claimed that we would receive it back “from the insurance company”. He made no mention of my super relax cover, nor of the claiming procedure. My parents left the country shortly that morning.

During the afternoon, I went to speak with the attendant, who claimed that we would be able to claim it back online, even though our insurance was with goldCar. The rental office personnel gave me blank stares, while the head office simply told me that they would look into it.

Following our departure from Malta, we have been in constant contact with the Malta Office. We have got them to admit that we had super relax cover insurance, However, they are still refusing to return the deposit, on the technicality that I did not get a police report, despite him calling them and confirming that it wasn’t necessary after spotting the damage.

I’m extremely distressed about this situation and in case I cannot reclaim the charged amount as promised by GoldCar, I will pursue action with the European Consumer Protection Agency.

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VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service Written by VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service
September 25, 2017
Hello Adrian,

Our Super Relax coverage that covers any damage to the vehicle and benefits from assistance in the motorway 24 hours a day, without deductible and without blocking any deposit of the card. This service not only avoids the need to pay extra, but also insurance covering theft, damage to the bodywork, finishing, wheels, tires, windows, floor, mirrors, lost keys, taxi or towing services. In case of accident or battery charge. (

Please take into consideration that if you need further assistance you can contact with us directly through our Customer Service system for a more personalised assistance on the following link by sending us a query on the bottom right of our website:

Kind regards,
Victoria R,
Goldcar Representative.
1 results - showing 1 - 1