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GoldCar Malta (Int Airport) Scammed/overCharged For Damages.

Goldcar Car Hire (Malta Int Airport)

Beware they're crooks and they make their money from scamming people for extortionate prices. If you've already booked with them and don't want to cancel as there is a high fee make sure to take pictures of the car before hand and a videos is a must! don't make my mistake. When i returned the car i admit i had a slight scratch (just a scratch no dents etc) on the front bumper, i had got charged 440 euros for this on top off, 130 damage admin fee and 80 euros for the cars being out of service for 2 days (i showed the picture to a local garage and they said they would charge no more than 80 euros to fix) on top of this there was a scratch on the passenger side wing wirror, i'm pretty sure it was there before i picked up the car, me and my friends did not know about it untill we dropped the car off, so that's 220 euro added to the damages, all in all totaling up to 1000 euros! I was upset about this but was re-insured again and again by the goldcar hire workers when i returned the car im fully covered from the insurance company i booked through with (argus car hire) that i wouldn't have to pay a penny along as the excess is under 1400 euros im covered for all this, they explained the process of sending them the reciepts, the forms, the links you go on etc. So i signed for the damages based on this and got my flight back home. Then phoned up the insurance company only to find they've lied! im covered for anything over 1400 euros anything under that i have to pay, so i paid for everything, really not happy as i wouldn't off signed for the damages otherwise as i admit the scratch was mine i should only of paid 220 euros on that on top of fees (that's still expensive) but the fact i forked out a 1000 euros for the damage done is a joke, im suprised this company is still going, they're con artists and I don't know how they get away with it, they've got it down to an art.

Other things to mention

• When I picked up the car I was given no diagram of the car to mark out any signs of damages (I was unaware about this until my parents lectured me on it when I arrived back home, I'm 21). they simply started up the car for me and told me to walk around the car for signs of damages, at the time I couldn’t see any damages.

• The car I requested on Argus was a Opel Astra, the car I got was a Peugeot 2008 SUV, a much bigger car then expected (not great for driving in narrow streets in Malta like silema and Valletta)

• GoldCar Rentals Malta, google reviews, are really bad, a lot of people have been scammed out there money with similar stories.

• I could not find an email directly locating to Goldcar Rentals, I did find an email supposedly directed to their CEO… I sent them an email explaining the situation and that I wasn’t happy, they replied back to me saying they are looking into it and investigating it, which is weird cause they never asked for a pacific car details such as the number plate or customer code or even my name, anything like that, so how can they identify the car/incident?

(they also give you super relax cover or something stupid where if you have any damages to the car, ring them or report it within an hour or the cover is void, this is a con, the contract as a whole is a con with unfair terms, but they know you are not likely to cancel when reading through it or not sign it as there is a 50 euro cancellation fee i belive so you go ahead and sign the contract with rubbish terms).

Best bet, pay extra for a more reputable car hire company.

Owner's reply
VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service

Dear customer,

Thanks for your comment. We're trying to improve our services and the opinion of customers is essential to do so.

Please contact us directly from our Customer Service system through the following link: at the bottom right of our website, you can submit a query.

Kind regards,

Victoria R.
Goldcar Representative

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