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Hello everyone. If you are informing yourself before renting I have only one advice to you and it is to stay away from this company. I was so disappointed with the service, the car and the actual insurance scam they force on you. But those aren't even the worst parts, the car they rented us was in absolutely no condition to be on roads. Here is a brief list of things that we noticed about the car about 5-10 minutes after leaving the airport: -Both of the side view mirrors could not change positions unless manually forced because they had been previously broken. -The reservoir was less than half full (when we had paid for it to be a full tank) -One of the headlights was burnt out (or non-existent). -There was no windshield wiper liquid. -The clutch was overly used and could barely change -Passenger outside front body had bumps and huge scrapes on it. The door made noise when we opened it. -The mileage stated in the car was MUCH more than the one stated on the paperwork. -The carpets on the ground were ripped. For a full review of our HORRIBLE experience please see our review on our website : This is far from being a single incident and it is obvious that this "company" is a scam. Do not be fooled by the apparent good deals.

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VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service

Hello Gabrielle,

We are surprised to hear that the vehicle you were given was not in optimal condition. Offering top rate vehicles is our number one priority, which is why 70% of our car fleet is renewed annually. We do think that the office sold out all the cars and maybe decided to use a older one. However this is extremly unusual.

I hope you understand.

Thank you,
Victoria R.
Goldcar Representative

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