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This is by far the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of working with! I travelled to Jamaica for my grandfather's funeral and rented a car from these people. Firstly, I reserved the car on Expedia about a week before my arrival and the price quoted was $144.45 (for Nov. 2-7). Upon arrival, the price more than doubled to over $330 (I've since learned that while international thriftys are independently owned, they MUST honor the quoted prices)!! So right there, they violated company policy and THIEF MI MONEY! Nevertheless, I paid the price demanded and went out with personnel to pick up my car. To my horror, the car they wanted to give me was some old dent up, dent up dirty mess! I promptly told them that I did not want that car, and upon being told there were no more options, I told her I would need to cancel the transaction, and take my business to Budget (who I always rent from anyway)! Upon hearing this, the young lady then said that she would "upgrade me" because the following day was my birthday. Ok, I can take that! The upgrade was a Toyota Premacy which to me looked like a hearse but I didn't mind too much because it was in better shape than the initial car they tried to give me. However, the outside was filthy as was the inside (and one of the seats in the second row was broken). I was anxious to get home to my family so I took it despite it's flaws. I drove the car from Montego Bay to St. Ann and realized something was really weird about the way it drove and found that it was slow to stop when I applied the break. But I was in such a hurry to be with my family, I didn't think too much of it. Once I got into town, I needed to make a stop so I parked the car. When it was time to leave, I saw a family member and asked him to go get the car for me. When he came back with the car he asked me "how in the hell I drove that car all the way from Montego Bay?" When I asked why, he said because the car had ZERO BRAKES!! Literally, the brake touch the floor and he had to keep pumping it to try to get the car to stop!! It is then that it dawned on my that the "weirdness" I recalled with the car was actually because it had no brakes! I immediately got on the phone and called Thrifty. I was connected to the Manager Mr. Wilson, who had the unmitigated gall to ask if I could DRIVE THE CAR WITH NO BRAKES BACK TO MONTEGO BAY! I told him absolutely not, as I did not come to Jamaica to die! I demanded that they send me a comparable replacement car, which they agreed to do the following morning. I also pointed out the fact that the car was given to me with a quarter tank of gas despite my reservation stating that the car was to be given to me FULL and returned FULL. I had already filled up the tank and so I told Mr. Wilson, that whatever was sent to me the following day must also have a full tank of gas because I was not going to fill up two cars in only days. He promised that he would ensure that the replacement car is brought to me with a full tank of gas. The following day, I receive a call from the driver who called to say he is at the meeting point. I hurriedly put on my clothes and went to meet him. To my dismay, they sent me the very same mash up, dent up, tiny car I initially refused when I landed! I was livid, and expressed my dissatisfaction to the driver, who claimed that nothing was communicated to him and he was not aware he was supposed to bring me a Premacy! He called Mr. Wilson, and handed me the phone. I asked Mr. Wilson what had happened since he not only promised me a comparable car, but he promised that the car would have a full tank of gas (the new car had a quarter tank, AGAIN)! He attempted to apologize but what was I to do with his apology? I was completely dissatisfied and felt bamboozled. He then said that I would be given a refund for the gas and some accommodation would be made for the inconvenience of being rented a car with no breaks and them bringing me some BS car I didn't want in the first place. I handed the phone to the driver, who then got into an argument with Mr. Wilson and actually hung up the phone on him! After he came off the phone he then said Mr. Wilson is an idiot and does not know what he is doing, and that he was been working at Thrifty for way longer than Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson working in banking all his life and has now made the move the Thrifty and is clueless! Yes!! All of this to the me, the customer! I reluctantly took the keys to the replacement car as after all, I was only on the island for another 5 days and NEEDED to get around. However, as I got ready to leave, the driver indicated that he would bring me the car I was promised later that day because he lived in Duncan (which was not far from Brown's Town). I have now been back in the states for two weeks and I am STILL WAITING FOR THE REPLACEMENT CAR!!!!

I went to see Mr. Wilson about my "gas expense refund" and accommodation for the inconvenience and he conveniently told me that any accommodation would need to come from the head office and would take a week (how convenient, given that I needed to leave the island in a couple hours). He provided me with his telephone number for follow up at my request. I have now been back in the states for exactly two weeks and I have yet to see a refund of any kind into my account and neither Mr. Wilson nor anyone from Thrifty has attempted to reach me! THIS COMPANY IS THE BIGGEST SCAM EVER! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO TO BUDGET OR ANOTHER REPUTABLE COMPANY! THEY ARE LIARS AND THIEVES!!! MI WANT JUSTICE!

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