Hertz Error Inspires New Segment On Conan

An unfortunate pricing error on Hertz' US website has inspired a new segment on Conan O'Briens late night show on TBS. 

It seems that the show's Executive Producer Jeff Ross, a self-professed long-time repeat client of Hertz and a Hertz Gold Plus member for more than 10 years, recently tried to rent a car for a trip to Florida. When checking the price for a one-day rental of a Premium size car (by the way Hertz, since when is a Chevrolet Impala a Premium car?), this is what he was quoted.


Yes that's right, $8799.89 for a one-day rental on the weekend (which is typically discounted). Including all the taxes and fees, $20,997.50 for the day. Obviously an error unless Hertz stopped renting and started selling cars when none of us were looking.

As you would, Jeff called Hertz to book since the price shown on the website was clearly a mistake.

I called, nobody could help me. Everybody said that's the price. I tweeted them and I got a few people to say 'yeah, it seems a little high but that's what the computer says'.

No-one would admit that there was a mistake. Now Conan has poked fun at the car rental giant on his show, launching a new segment entitled ROSS WRONGED.

Conan lay down a challenge to Hertz.

Listen up Hertz. I'm demanding you admit that this Chevy Impala should not and could not cost almost $9,000 a day. Now either, admit you made a mistake or everyone in America will be asking you this question: C'mon Hertz - Why you gotta play me like that!

As the old saying goes, any publicity is good publicity. I have a suggestion for Hertz. How about you upgrade Jeff to Presidents Circle status. That would be sure to get a follow up from Conan. 

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