Conan Gets Resolution From Hertz For Pricing Error

It didn't take long for Hertz to respond to Conan O'Brien calling them out on his late night show for an obvious pricing error on their US website that no-one would admit was an error. 

On his show on Monday night, Conan introduced a new segment inspired by an experience that Executive Producer Jeff Ross had encountered with Hertz. In case you missed it, here is Monday's Ross Wronged video.

It all started when Ross was quoted $8799.89 for a one-day car rental in Florida as seen in the image below. Including all the taxes and fees, $20,997.50 for the day. He called, emailed and tweeted Hertz to try to book a car at a reasonable price but to no avail. No-one would even admit that the price shown was an error.


It didn't take long for Hertz to contact Mr Ross on Tuesday after Monday night's shellacking. Conan starts...

OK, well as predicted, it was extremely effective. This morning, Hertz' Senior Director of Customer Service contacted Jeff, informed him that they've now changed the day rate for the Impala from $8,799.89 to $114.40. Yes. A 98.7% reduction. Good work Hertz. You came through Hertz and I'm proud of you.

Yesterday I called for Hertz to go one step further. Jeff says that he has been a Hertz Gold Club member for more than 10 years and has rented hundreds of cars from the company. 

I think it would be a nice gesture for Hertz to upgrade Jeff's loyalty club status to Presidents Circle. It doesn't seem like much to ask considering the loyalty that Jeff has shown to the company, the inconvenience he experienced just trying to rent another Hertz car and the time he spent to let the company know about their mistake. Had he not, who knows how much business Hertz would have lost to other companies before the rate was corrected?

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