Boston Airport Has New Rental Car Options And Added Convenience


A new era begins for car rental operations at Boston's Logan Airport at midnight tonight when a new $310 million Consolidated Rental Car facility (knows as Conrac) will officially begin operation.

9 Car Rental companies will operate out of the 120,000 square foot customer service center and 4 level garage. Thrifty and Advantage are the new additions to the original 7 brands that have served the airport until now.

The 9 companies now operating from Boston Logan are:

  1. b2ap3_thumbnail_Advantage-Car-Rental-Logo.png   Advantage Car Rental
  2. b2ap3_thumbnail_Alamo-Car-Rental-Logo.png   Alamo Car Rental
  3. b2ap3_thumbnail_Avis-Car-Rental-Logo.png   Avis Car Rental
  4. b2ap3_thumbnail_Budget-Car-Rental-Logo.png   Budget Car Rental
  5. b2ap3_thumbnail_Dollar-Car-Rental-Logo.png   Dollar Car Rental
  6. b2ap3_thumbnail_Enterprise-Car-Rental-Logo.png   Enterprise Car Rental
  7. b2ap3_thumbnail_Hertz-Car-Rental-Logo.png   Hertz Car Rental
  8. b2ap3_thumbnail_National-Car-Rental-Logo.png   National Car Rental
  9. b2ap3_thumbnail_Thrifty-Car-Rental-Logo.png   Thrifty Car Rental


In a massive operation as many as 4,000 cars will be moved into the new complex tonight from several individual locations that have been used up until now.

Along with the expanded selection of companies to rent from, extra convenience will come packaged along with the opening of the new Conrac facility for car rental customers. Shuttle buses will now drop off passengers on the upper level of their airlines terminal and pick up from the lower levels reducing congestion and wait times during loading and unloading. The same system will be applied at the Conrac facility so there should never be people trying to get both onto and off shuttle buses with their luggage, golf clubs, skis and kids all at the same time.


There are also environmental benefits to the new operations. The Conrac facility aims to achieve LEED Silver certification and has 616 solar panels installed on the roof which can provide up to 150 kilowatts of power. A new command center inside Conrac utilizes GPS tracking of the buses and video displays to facilitate monitoring of traffic and passenger demand along the terminal curbs as well as bus and taxi queues.

The second environmental improvement comes with the Unified Massport Hybrid shuttle buses that will carry 50 passengers and their luggage replacing the smaller diesel powered vans that the car rental companies operated previously. A total of 28 fuel efficient hybrid bus trips per hour will replace an estimated 100-150 van trips reducing shuttle vehicle miles at the airport by 70% along with an accompanying 35% decrease in total airport-related emissions.

The new bus circuit will also serve the MBTA Blue Line Airport Station (Boston's metro otherwise known as 'The T') making the airport a convenient pick up or drop off point for Car Rental customers even if they are not flying.


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