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Thrifty missold me 3 types of insurances at Houston Airport. I never asked for any protection or cover and was not even told what I was being sold. I had already prebooked the car from with basic coverage and then at the airport, the Thrifty car rep, very unhelpful, charged me all these extra charges without making me aware of what he was doing. I specifically asked what I was being charged for and he said he was not charging me for the car rental but did not say anything if I wanted insurance or not or even what he was selling to me. I assumed he was taking credit card details for any extra charges if applicable when I returned the car. I feel I have been cheated and missold all of these charges which is unfair. You simply can not justify selling something without giving them the whole information. Thrifty's response is that I have signed the document and the onus is on me, rather than them. I do not think selling something without even asking or telling them is a legal practice in any business.

Car rep also had an argument with me that I was only entitled to a 2 door car even though my car booking said I was entitled to a 4 door car. In the end, he said if we have a 4 door car available, please take one. I think it was a distracting strategy on his part. Really not happy with the experience and the service. Do not recommend Thrifty.

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