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Ripped Off by Their Errors

Not a good experience at this Dollar Rent A Car office (ripped off by THEIR incompetence) and as a result, I will not use Dollar again-- ANYWHERE!

(1) Very shabby, dirty office.

(2) Three attendants who appeared to be competing for who could give the poorest assistance - demeanor ranged from unfriendly to surly

(3) Either the attendant kept messing up or their computers were not working well; I had to go through the entire rental process twice because the first one didn't work and provide the needed papers.

(4) I was therefore at the desk for 15 minutes with a line of unhappy people behind me

(5) I specifically said, when asked, that I did not need the $11 a day PlatePass for tolls as I was spending the week away from toll area - but it was charged to me anyway. Due to the long check-in, I did not catch/understand that until my credit card bill arrived weeks later

(6) Not only did they charge me an extra $74 for something I told them I did not need, they charged me TWICE, apparently because of their computer issues. A month later I was having to hassle with making several phone calls, sending documentation, etc. to get the second billing refunded, which is still pending at this time.

(7) Besides being dirty, the car exterior had large sticky places on it like duct tape had been removed.

Still had to pay the $74 for something I stated I did not need and did not use -- because it was MY FAULT that I didn't catch it after the long wait at their desk. Very convenient for them that they have no records as to whether the PlatePass on my car was ever used during my rental period (it wasn't). Ripped off by their incompetence. Never using Dollar Rent A Car again!


Mentionable Staff
All were disagreeable and disinterested
After reading some of their other reviews now, do they get brownie points for overcharging customers??
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