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Do not rent from here! Worst customer service EVER!!!

On 2/13/2020, at approximately 7:00 am. I arrived at Dollar location in O’hare International airport to pick-up a reservation. I was assisted by Ambrosio who later identified himself as the location manager. My adult daughter who booked the reservation on my behalf, was at the counter with me as she had the confirmation email and had completed the booking over the phone. We are visiting from California and had requested a car that would be safe to drive in the snow without needing chains (chains are required in California.) When I tried to confirm this with Ambrosio he mockingly said, “All cars can be driven in the snow, I don’t know how you drive so I wouldn’t know if it’s safe to drive or not.” He was condescending and annoyed when my daughter began to ask for clarification on the requirements for driving in the the snow. My wife then asked for a price estimate for a 4x4 drive. Again he appeared annoyed that he had to look up something else, after presenting us with the two different prices for the vehicles, my daughter tried to show him the confirmation email off her phone for the agreed price she had received over the phone. He said, “I have it on my computer and I don’t need to see yours.” My daughter again insisted there was an inconsistency in prices and asked him to refer to her email confirmation. At this point, he raised his voice at her and said, “you are not the costumer, I do not need to deal with you at all. It is too early to deal with this and I just don’t have to deal with you. I already said you don’t need chains in the snow and you guys are getting a good deal on the vehicle.” He then looked at me and said, “I am not addressing your daughter. And if you don’t like that I can cancel your reservation and you can go somewhere else, and I am the supervisor so I am able to do that.” We flew in for a naval graduation and have a tight schedule that could not accommodate delays, so we proceeded with the rental. The total of our rental was close to $900. We will never book through this company or recommend the business due to the horrible customer service experience. It has humiliating and degrading the way in which a supervisor from your company treated me and my family. I hope no one else gets treated the way he treated us. Ambrosios behavior bordered on harassment.

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