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Never return here

The condition of the vehicle was the only good thing about this experience. Wait in line for at least 2 hours after flying for 8 hours. One line for both Dollar and Thrifty. No separate line for people with reservations. The person at the counter also leaves for several minutes to go check on something several times (don't know what she was checking on). Would be more efficient to hire more people to do whatever checking needs to be done. When they mention insurance and you say "no" they almost jump over the counter and threaten you with the fact that you will probably be in an accident and have to pay the value of the entire car if you don't take their additional insurance which is more than the daily rental of the car. I thought I was in a foreign country, not the U.S. I paid less for additional mandatory insurance in Panama. What a rip off.


Some of the other staff were being very pleasant to customers - I guess we were just unlucky to get a person with an attitude. Find another job lady.
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