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I am done with you, Thrifty

I will post this review in as many places as possible, since the lapse in customer service that this Thrifty/Dollar location demonstrated is simply unacceptable and means that I will gladly pay a premium to rent from any other company.

We had a reservation for a vehicle at 3pm on September 29, 2018. We had our bags from our flight by 2:25pm and proceeded to the ridiculous bus transportation area where two lines were easily formed and, depending on whether a small or large bus arrived, customers would board the bus in advance of customers (including us) who had been waiting for about 20 simply get on a bus! Put up a sign that says "line starts here" or do something! You have customers who are just starting their vacation and the disorganization that could be managed simply is out of control.

Imagine our surprise when upon arrival (2:50pm now) at the car rental building we were presented with a line of people that I haven't even seen when boarding a 747. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but the line was ridiculously long. To add insult to injury, after waiting for 30 mins I receive a text from a friend that literally made a reservation with Budget whilst standing at the baggage carousel. The text? A picture of the coastline! They were already out of the airport and on their way. We made our reservation in January!

Just after 4pm I made it to the front of the line where I was told that it would be at least an additional hour wait for a car that I'd reserved in January! Further more, in asking about why this was so I received a curt and disrespectful reply from the agent checking me in.

So we waited, along with 40+ other people who had reservations. I even encountered a fellow Australian who had been waiting for her minivan since 1:30pm! She told me she'd made her reservation in November of 2017.

We received our car at 5:07pm. All things considered...i.e. the experiences of others who were still waiting, I guess it wasn't that bad. However, in looking at my rental agreement, my car receipt time was the 4pm time when I checked in. And guess what time I had to return the vehicle on my final day? 3pm. Even though I physically received my car at 5:07pm. I'm pretty sure Thrifty/Dollar would charge me a whole days rental if I returned the vehicle two hours late and yet they didn't respect my time in slightest.

The total disregard for the customer experience was astounding. As far as I'm concerned, you owe all of your customers, past and future, compensation for putting a bad first taste in their mouths when arriving in wonderful Maui if you continue providing inexcusable service like this.

And for those who note that agents told them "it's always bad at this time", we were hosting our wedding and had nigh on 100 guests, a good portion of whom had reservations with Thrifty/Dollar and arrived at different times on different days...the experience was, by and part, the same.

If I could rate this place 0 I would. You've lost me as a customer irrespective of where I now go in the world.

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