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Willingly Mislead by Dollar Tampa Desk

I picked up my rental car at the Tampa airport Dollar desk. Staff tried to sell me all kinds of extras, most of which I declined. Staff were two guys with a Venezuelan background, they spoke Spanish amongst themselves. They probably thought I didn’t understand them (I am European), they where surprised when I joined their Spanish conversation. I signed a contract for $320 and they told me they were giving me the additional driver for free. Just before handing me the car keys they told me I had to sign for the additional driver, they said it was ‘something administrative’, and asked me and my wife to sign.

What they didn’t tell me that they had me sign a new contract, worth $643 charging me nearly $300 for the additional driver + taxes. They didn’t tell me I was signing a new contract. They never showed me the part of the new contract with the higher fees (the contract was made up of numerous small pages), they only showed me where to sign. They never provided me with this second contract, they let me leave in a Dollar car with the first contract, which in fact was no longer valid.

On returning the car in Atlanta (at the Airport) I asked about the procedure, and the lady told me I could leave the keys with her and would be provided with all the information about mileage, toll and the final cost. This would happen by mail and within a few days. This happened on January 7th, nearly two month ago. Despite repeatedly asking for this information I haven’t received any reaction from Dollar Rent A Car what so ever.

I feel I have been willingly mislead by Dollar Rent A Car. This has cost me more than $300 and it tarnishes my memories of my holiday in Tampa and Florida. Since then I have done some internet research and I am not the first Dollar Rent A Car customer that has been willingly mislead. I believe the Dollar Rent A Car Tampa desk has an habit of misleading customers.

I have received no help at all from the intermediary CarTrawler. They immediately chose to go with Dollar Rent a Car, without really listening to my story.

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