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SIXT car rental Miami is a scam

This place is disgusting. The only reason I gave them A star, is because the car was fine. My husband picked up the car and was never asked to do a once over with an agent (like most places do), and he, being on vacation was excited to get out of there so he didn't do a thorough exterior inspection. We had the car for 3 days- he drove from Miami airport to our condo, parked overnight in the garage, then we drove to key largo (clearly at slow speeds) without any incidence, then drove back to the condo garage overnight. The next day, we drove to the airport. That was it. No trouble, the garage was secure and spacious, no chance of anything besides normal road wear. We get to the airport and the attendant starts circling the tiniest flecks of paint missing. I took photos because she seemed shady and was taking hundreds of photos of 4 small places. We get a bill for $700. For labor, parts, and time of the car being out of service. Also in the photos is a dent that was NOT reviewed by us when we dropped the car off, and with the lighting it is hard to see what is even present in the picture. The whole situation is shady and disgusting. We are responsible adults who had nothing but a short amount of smooth driving and we come away with a bill for $700? I've rented across the country and have NEVER, EVER had this horrible of an experience. Reading other reviews I feel validated because they mention questionable damage, noticeable touch up paint, and agents "knowing what they were looking for." Pathetic. I will not stop spreading the word on how horrible the company is. I am outraged.

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