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Horrible Customer Service and Inferior Automobiles

I picked up the vehicle on August 21st. The experience was friendly and upon asking if I could return the car to the Hollywood Airport I was told "no". Another representative informed me that I could drop it off at the airport. I was upgraded since there were no cars in the class I had reserved. After several miles on the turnpike I noticed the car was not cooling only to find the air conditioner was not functioning. I made it to my destination at Card Sound and telephoned Dollar. I was told the delivery of another vehicle could not be made unless the vehicle was broken down. I reserved and paid for an air conditioned vehicle. If air conditioning was not considered a necessity, they shouldn't list it as an accessory. The temperature inside the car with open windows was 96 degrees. I was only staying in Card Sound one day and spent most of the time on the phone with customer service who were rude and most didn't speak enough English to be understood. I was getting no where. I finally looked up the telephone number of the car rental in Port Everglades and they couldn't get a vehicle to me because they didn't have anyone to drive it but they would make some calls to see if they could help me. I was told the next day a car would be delivered to me by 11:00am. I waited in the hotel lobby and at 11:00am I called to request an estimated time they would arrive. I was told they were stuck in traffic on US1 and couldn't give us any estimation. At 1:00pm I called them back and told them to forget it. They were towing down a vehicle because no one would drive without air conditioning - but it is okay for a customer to drive the vehicle? I was told the closest Dollar was in Miami or Tavenier. FL. I decided to drive to Tavenier only to find they closed at Noon. What rental car place closes at Noon? I made my final destination in Marathon and again started calling customer service. They are the rudest people in the world - if they hate their jobs so much they should leave them and not take it out on customers who will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER rent from them again and WILL TELL EVERYONE THEY KNOW NOT TO RENT FROM DOLLAR. Finally, Dollar agreed to hire someone to bring a car down to Marathon for us to use for the week. We finally had a car we could comfortably drive on Monday, Aug. 24th. I feel Dollar should not charge us for the three days we didn't have air conditioning. They did not meet their agreement to rent me an automobile with working accessories (which includes air conditioning). I am not going to totally blame the Everglades office even though they rented me a vehicle without air conditioning. They were not rude or fully knowledgeable. The major blame goes to the company and customer service. If I spoke to my customers as they did to me, I'd be fired. Try asking for a manager - good luck. Amazing how your calls get dropped. I am furious at Dollar and want not only an apology but a price reduction for the 3 days I didn't have a fully functioning vehicle.

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