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Worst rental car experience I ever had.

I cannot say enough negative things about my experience with Dollar. 50 minute wait time and only one agent working. I had booked an "upgraded" car
(Nissan Maxima). Covered in scratches and dings. No one walked around the car with me to point out the defects. The stickers where they noted the damages were still attached to the outside. No smoking they said but the car reeked of cigarettes and had burn holes in the interior. This was in no way an "upgraded car". It made a lot of weird noises when I drove it and made me very nervous for our safety. Tried to call twice when I had this "car", but the first time I called, was on hold 20 minutes until a woman with a thick accent came on and told me that wasn't her department and allegedly transferred me. 35 minutes later, I hung up. Second time I called, hung up after 40 minutes on hold (mind you, I was on vacation, and this is how I spent it). I had booked through a travel agent and had never used Dollar. I will NEVER use this substandard company again. I tried tweeting to Dollar but was constantly ignored, as was most people who had issues (you could see other tweets). They only tweet to people who say they are going on vacation in what I assume was their attempt to get new customers. They next charged my credit card over $600 for a car that was supposed to be $225. Called my credit card company to decline the charges. They are pending, but will decline them when they try to post. I am not sure, but in my opinion, they were trying to get damages on a car that was already damaged. Took several pictures of the car when I got it and will talk to my lawyer if they try to charge me for the damages on this. I have contacted the travel agent, who is reporting this to their corporate office. I am not one to write negative comments, but this about ruined my vacation with my children, the first one since we lost their Dad (my husband) to cancer. Please, Google issues with Dollar car, and you will see I am not the only one who has been charged for things.

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