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The absolute worst rental company EVER!!!!

My husband and I booked a car with Budget online and paid for it ahead of time. We landed in Tampa, picked up the car and drove to our friend's home which is approximately 40 minutes from the airport. We did not drive the vehicle during our stay in Florida. We returned the car to the Tampa airport 4 days later with minimum miles on the vehicle.

Over a month later, we noticed that we were charged $250.00 and we were floored. I placed about 8 calls to Budget over a matter of 1 1/2 weeks and could not get through to anyone who could explain this charge and was transferred to different departments in which no one could help me. At one point, I was advised to call the Tampa airport so I did and I spoke to someone who advised that the charge was a cleaning fee as there was an odor of smoke in the car. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? My husband and I do not even smoke. I was also told that the reason I was transferred all over the place is because there was no evidence, photos, proof etc. to warrant or not warrant the charge. I was told that when there is an additional charge that I have the right to dispute it and I can request that they email me their uploads of proof. Almost 2 months later, we received a letter stating that the charge was warranted, but still no proof. We received an email from Budget and was advised that the fee was warranted. I replied to that asking them for their proof or uploads and still have not received a response.

This place is a total scam and can apparently add fees, charges, etc. without warrant. I called Chase bank and there was nothing they could do. I have rented over 100 rental cars in my lifetime, but I will NEVER, EVER, EVER rent with Budget again. I have never dealt with a rental company that was so unprofessional. I think that they give you the best price possible, but then add charges to make up for their loss of the original cost of the rental. I will certainly never stray from Enterprise again as we have never had a problem with them.

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