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Car Rental Scam - They have no Integrity

The worse car rental experience yet. I’ve traveled the world and rented a car on other continents and N. America many, many times in my life, but have never experienced such a dirty way to scam people for money the way this company does. I made my reservation through Expedia and paid a car, all state and airport taxes, concession fees, and everything else that I needed to pay. I also declined car collision insurance since my MC covers that when I first booked the car. When I picked it up at Tampa Int airport I agreed only to pay $91.00 for highway toll fees. I declined car collision insurance at the counter again and was under the impression that I'll be only charged tall fees. They made me agree and sign on an electronic pad where you could only see a place to sign, not what you're signing. They printed a receipt that you could not read and two weeks later I'm so bitter that my car rental cost from $340.00CAD, what I paid in full with Expedia, turned into $800.00CAD because they charged me for car collision insurance, concession fees, or everything that I declined on several occasions. When I phoned and complained they agreed to pay me back car collision insurance. I got confirmation number of my inquiry; they also told me to wait 3-5 business days to receive money back on my MC. Seven business days later, no words from them, and no money on my MC. I’m calling my lawyer. Dear Thrifty, you got me once, but will never see me again, never.

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