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I rented a car from dollar. The car we had booked was a convertible, we then got asked if we wanted a free upgrade as they didn't have any convertibles. Which defeats the whole point of ordering a convertible. We then had to wait over an hour and a half for our car. we were asked if we wanted to add extra insurance, road side cover, petrol and most importantly a surpass. We declined them all but asked about the sun pass. We were told that we could pay around $20 per day and get a sun pass so that any roads which have electronic tolls were paid for. As we were on holiday for 18 days this would have worked out to a lot. I asked which roads we would need it on and she said most. (Which wasn't true) I worked out we would only be travelling on electronic toll roads on the way to key west and on the way back to Orlando. I then asked if we would be able to have a sunpass only for those 2 days. She said this wasn't possible and I should either get the sun pass for the whole of the time or I will probably get fined up to $100 for the tolls we miss. We decided not to take the sunpass cause it sounded unbelivable. As predicted we used the electronic toll roads on the 2 days travelling to keywest and back. I looked online to pay but the advise given was that tourists could use the toll roads and then the bill for the toll would be sent to the car rental which would then be passed on to us. We have arrived home and a letter has just been sent to us saying that we must pay $6.76 in toll charges as we went through 6 tolls. And then for each of these tolls dollar has added an extra $15 each for each toll totalling $90. Making the grand total we have to pay $96.76. This is an extortionate price compared to the toll and seems to me a money making scam. They didn't inform us about any admin fees and there is also no other option other than to pay! It's a joke. They present themselves as a budget car rental but they have schemes designed to trick and bully their customers into paying a lot of hidden chargers. Will never rent from them again.

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