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Don't waste your time, energy or money!

I cannot say enough bad about my experience with this place! JT's attitude like he was doing me a favor doing his job, (he was quite rude and I will make certain his higher ups find out), the time it took Jonathon to get the car ready.
Why? Because I was quoted one price when I called and spoke to a rep. (I had shopped around for sure) and wow, when I got there I was told me charge would be nearly $500! (instead of $263 out the door tax included price the rep had quoted me and I had positively confirmed TWICE). But Jonathon's system wasn't getting the same rate so at first and for awhile (as I waited and waited), he said repeatedly that he could only offer that rate he was seeing.
(This guy actually thought that was acceptable and I surmise he assumed that I would just accept that treatment and lose the difference).
I made it clear that was NOT going to happen. And that I would be getting the quoted rate. I even called Cheryl back and put him on the phone with her (using my cell phone) and she confirmed the quote and said, "You have to honor this rate!) Then JT enters the picture and was arguing about the price, saying it wasn't right, or then finally after much ado, concluded she (the rep I had spoken with on the phone) surely meant before tax. I had made it perfectly clear she stated it was total after tax and that I'd confirmed that, but he assumed I was ill informed. (The review below from someone who said they had experienced a patronizing salesperson; I'm guessing it was JT). Yeah, not a professional guy at all.
Then the car... (the "upgrade")...
Scratches and scuffs on fender (and they never wrote those down so after waiting about 40 minutes for this "upgraded" car, I had to go back in and tell them about that so I didn't get charged. I hadn't even at that point, made it inside the car. On my way home, I noticed stains on both back seats! I was quite pissed. I took photos as soon as I arrived home.

After all that, ...ghetto all the way.
NEVER again will I use Alamo/Enterprise.

Attitudes, Jonathon telling me he "couldn't" (for a long while) offer me the price I was quoted and the long subsequent delay, the attitude from JT and the car... Yeah, not impressed in the slightest.

Oh, and all this proceeded with no follow up or return call whatsoever today from the branch manager, James. Nada.
I'm certain corporate will be happy to learn of all this tomorrow.
Unprofessional to the max.
If you are wise, you will save your time, energy and money and find a real business to do business with!
One that values repeat customers.


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Cheryl (the rep whom I spoke with on the phone)
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