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(Updated: January 25, 2015)
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Rip off

Rate sound too good to be true and that's the catch. The final charge will be very different from your estimated total charges and they will make you to sign without explaining why you have to pay that much.

Let me explain what happened with me.

When I got the receipt when picking up the car, I asked why the amount is higher compared to what I got on-line and at the bottom of the receipt is twice as much as the upper number. I was explained that if I get the car back without any damage, I won’t be charged any extra money. If I return the car damaged, I agree to pay the amounts.

Please note that I never was asked if I want to purchase anything in addition to my reservation. In my past experience dealing with rental car companies they would offer some additional coverage or liability and when I refused they would make me sign the agreement that stated that this was offered to me and I refused to buy. The Sixt agent never said a single word about any additional coverage or liability, however they quietly charged me extra money for SLI Insurance. By the time of signing not a single word of additional coverage or liability was said. And by the way, the rep asked me twice if I want to prepay the fuel. Both times I said no, I will fill the tank and return the car with gas.

It turned out that additional liability insurance was added without my consent as was a charge for the gas. The rep did not explain the charges, he just said sign it. I circled numbers and put OK when he explained that I won’t be charged if I return the car without any damages.

When I took the car back I had a yellow slip which I signed at the time of getting a car, and which was signed by their rep at the time the car was returned. The slip reflects car condition and gas level in the tank. The rep said this is a slip for me to keep. Then when I got inside the facility, the guy at the front desk requested the yellow slip and made me give it to him. I did not get any receipt when I returned the car. On my request for the final charges receipt I was told that there are no receipts besides what I already got the day when I got the car. I left their facility without the yellow slip and without any final charges receipt.

I talked to their rep today and was told that yesterday or day before yesterday they decided to give me a refund for bringing the car back with tank full of gas. I believe this is resolved. They enter the readings into their computer right away but they also took from me the yellow slip with indication that tank is full. Basically I had it and gave it to them when was asked to do so. They agreed to return money they charged for gas as there is evidence that car was returned with a full tank.

But it appears that it is my fault that I signed without catching them on adding SLI to my bill. Strictly speaking in the case it is my fault of trusting them. But it is not a right way of doing business. If they would ask me about the SLI, I would refuse as I did in the past as my company, my auto insurance and my AMEX card company would pay for that. I never was ask to buy but simply was charged. Now I can’t get any apology or money back for the dishonest way of them doing business.

I do understand now that I shouldn’t trust the guys, should check every line on the receipt and ask for explanations. But it did not occur to me that there may be charges for something we did not discuss and I did not agree to purchase or pay. Basically they fooled me and took a full advantage of the situation. Dishonest way of doing business.

Very disappointed fact after which I should check every line if I ever go back to rent a car from them.
I don’t have any hopes for recovering money for SLI, but still I want people to know about Sixt practices, to be aware, not to do the same mistakes I did. The service was very dishonest and deceiving.


Mentionable Staff
Terrible service. Charging without explaining for what. Refuse to cooperate.
No offers and no explanations are given for the charges they make you to sign. No way somebody will listen to you.
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