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The worst experience with car rental and an unhealthy, anger-provoking experience overall. I rented well in advance because the price was good. When I got to thrifty, I discovered I had left my credit card at home and my bank, not being informed that I was out of my home state, denied the debit card I had. I was meeting a friend who put it on her card but we wanted assurance that the price would remain the same and when she left in a week the car would transfer to me as I was staying longer. I got their assurance but decided to call a few days prior to bringing my friend to the airport just in case. I was connected to the Tampa airport office and spoke with someone that said she would leave aperwork in the cash drawer with my name on it so that I could fill it out and they would make the change with little hassle for me. Well, I did just that. A few days later my friend began getting calls asking where the car was. She told them and I called. There was no record of me at all. Getting to the Tampa airport office by phone was impossible and each time I called their "877" number I was met with resistance until I told the whole story that you are probably getting tired of. Then they said they would transfer me to Tampa. Tampa never answered. Six times. I got a voice mail once- no return call. I am disabled and the reason I was in Florida is because my mother is gravely ill. This was not what I needed. I have made complaints. It still isn't resolved! Never again. That old saying, "you get what you pay for" certainly is true.

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