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Watch Your Credit Card - Green Motion Orlando

The car was fine, the service was slow. My real complaint is that I was told they would need to put a $500 hold against my credit card in case I returned the car damaged. Okay, that was fine, no problem. Instead they put a $500 sale against my credit card. I returned the car on time, 7/18, in perfect condition, with more gas than it had when I got it. I checked my credit card statement 6 days later, and the charge was still there. I called Green Motion and they told me it might take 10 days for the reversal. So I checked my card again today, and the charge was still there. I called Green Motion today, 8/8 and they insisted it was a hold, not a sale, that they reversed the hold on 7/18, and even gave me an authorization code they claimed they used. I called my credit card company, they affirmed that it was a sale and not a hold, they never received any sort of reversal, and the whole thing is going in as a dispute. Perhaps Green Motion hoped I would be too lazy to follow up on this, I don't know. But watch your credit card statement after dealing with them.

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