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Just Horrid

Same thing happened to me. After I bought and fully paid online they wanted an additional 500$ on a credit card as a "hold" I offered cash and no way. They wouldnt take my debit card bc according to them they need the pre authorization on a credit card so if the damage is more than 500$ they can charge more. I already had paid $320 online but they claim this was not to them this was to a 3rd party company. So I would hv lost that money. For me to be able to walk out with a car I need it to give them an additional $344 and a $200 hold. They claim this is their own insurance for the car. But I had State Farm insurance which covers a rental and they said thats no good. They said I was a UK customer so I told them I had car insurance there as well and it does transfer. And because I purchased the policy online I did purchase insurance and they said thats no good bc of the $500 credit card "hold" they need it. I asked if they could perhaps reduce that amount a bit since I had already travelled there I am 6 months pregnant and had 3 children to take around in Orlando I simply hadnt added that to my budget. They claimed they gave me a "discount" rate of $244 for me to walk out w a car since it would have had to be $344 on top of the $320 I paid online. And when I asked what type of car I would get they said I would only qualify for the original car which was an economy Hyundai Accent no more than that. They then gave me a car with all sorts of damage it was all wet due to it just being hosed down and had actual paint off with dents all over. To which I complained bc I was actually paying them $40 a day for a car. The actual rental car they gave me had marks all over, sand all over the seats and had a sticker in the windshield but they claim this is ok. I had to give them the money as I couldnt go with my 3 kids anywhere else and I couldnt afford loosing the already paid $300 w another company. Horrid customer service they were all very egotistical and had horrid attitudes. The lady behind the refreshment counter was lovely. She gave my kids chocolate and drinks free of charge. Think she knew they were all horrid.

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