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Awful Experience. Never Again

Spent over 30 minutes trying to stop the Avis employee from overcharging me. He kept asking me to sign screens with charges, but I paid everything in advance. After 12 hours travelling I didn't need this. Eventually, just to get out, I agreed to pay a small extra fee daily for breakdown. Why am I not surprised that my credit card bill came through and I've been charged £72. Practically the same as the weeks hire cost. This company clearly employs pressure salesmen as every time I said I wanted a nil balance I was told he would have to get a manager and that would delay me. Add to this the car had 32k on the clock and sounded like a lawnmower. An altogether horrible experience. I have been using Dollar for 20 years and only went Avis via a BA promotion. Ended up paying double. Never, ever again. I could hear the same conversations at the desks either side of me. Like 'the brits are here so let's fleece them whilst they are tired'. 

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