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Unfortunately, car damage can happen to even the safest driver. A deer hit the side of the SUV rented from Sixt in Phoenix, AZ during my September 2015 rental, my insurance company covered the ENTIRE repair. Sixt then billed me for an additional $897.00 for lost revenue for 22 days; this is excessive since I am sure the vehicle would not have been in use that entire time. While I completely disagree with this charge it is legal in a court of law. Where things went COMPLETELY off track was an additional charge for $780.00 for diminishing the value of the vehicle … this is totally a bogus charge!!! The vehicle was already completely repaired by my insurance company; when and if this vehicle is sold the value will have been completely depreciated. Prior to an accident where there was CLEARLY NOTHING I could have done to prevent it, I would have rated Sixt rentals very high. This company has an opportunity to turn this issue around by dropping the additional unwarranted charges … to date nothing has been done. If Sixt truly cares about their reputation they would drop these ridiculous and excessive charges.

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