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missing stuff left in car

Front desk agent didn't inform me about bringing the car back time wise. I was scheduled to bring it back at midnight. So when I brought it back they tried charging me for an extra day and told me at drop off I didn't have to bring it back til 3pm the next day. They sent me to the little station inside which was 20 feet from the car drop off. I went inside and was there for like 20 minutes talking to the agent which she took the best care of me and took off that extra day charge. I left my backpack which if looked inside the back sit you could totally see it. It's a batman backpack. I also left my garage door opener in there too. The dude who checked the car in didn't either care to check or to say anything. Which is fine its not his job to say hey man you left your bag in the car but I thought it was kinda shady cause I had an issue with my bill and he told me where to go. I didn't realize I left my stuff in there til I got home which I live 10 minutes from the airport. So i went back 20 minutes later and went to the station thing inside and talked with the same lady that was about to leave. She tried twice to go find my stuff but couldn't get to it for some reason which I thought that was weird but I didn't think to much about it. She gave me a number to call which I didn't really like cause I like talking to people if it's something important so i rode over there and met with the lost and found desk the next morning. The guy was nice gave me my stuff back but when I saw my backpack you could tell it was open or someone went threw it which made me feel weird but again I didn't think anything. I zipped it up and once I got outside I looked to see if there was anything missing cause it felt a little lite. My big $100 bottle of euphoria cologne which had half or more was gone. I was thankful that was the only thing missing but I didn't feel that was ok. I went back inside to desk just to let the agent know it was missing and he said that's unfortunate that happened. It was like he knew what is happening there put it was out of his control. I know it was my fault for leaving my stuff in the car but at the same time it doesn't leave a good taste in my mouth. I actually work for the Courtyard by Marriott right down the street from the airport and I will definitely let all my guess know to make sure they get everything out there car cause there's something shady going on at our car rental station

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