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I rented a car from the Phoenix location and was just handed my car keys and told the car is over there from a kid that was on his phone the whole time. He clicked the remote and said it’s over there somewhere. I get to Tucson 2 hours away for my grandmothers funeral and found the passenger front tire cut near the rim. I drive professionally for the past 10 years with no accidents so I would know if I hit something. I called to inform and find a solution but was told I would need to return the vehicle to Phoenix to trade it in for a different car. I asked what would happen if it went flat and was told I would have to pay for the tow and the new tire but I would be reimbursed for the tire. This is unacceptable because it was a fault with the car at the start of the rental and due to their employees failing to due their job I am put into a situation that would leave me stuck on the side of the road and have to pay for the inconvenience since. When I check in the car I had to point out the fault to the rep that was checking my car in. Every person I has spoke with has said sorry but has not provide any help with the situation. They will leave you stuck and try to blame you / make you pay for their own faults. They leave the judgment up to the local office so of course they won’t admit fault so they don’t get in trouble and make their bonuses. Go with a real car rental company that will to the right thing from the start.

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