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I verbally declined all up-charges at the counter. When it came to insurance, I specifically stated I wanted nothing more than what is required by law. Ms. Diaz said insurance to cover the company's potential loss of the vehicle was built into the rental. After several other attempts to up-charge me, she handed me a receipt and said to initial to reflect the coverages we discussed. She added $240 worth of insurance. We were twelve hours into our travels with two children under two. I stood at the counter with a 7-month old strapped to my chest that the two women at the counter just went on and on about. I was too exhausted and distracted (and trusting) to pay attention to detail. I thought it was the coverages required by law. I initialed. Now they won't refund the money and they won't even take my calls. I've been hung up on at least a half a dozen times today. This company does not care about its customers. 


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Ms Diaz
She is the name on the receipt. I spoke to the branch manager and she condones deceptive practices of her agents if they can get customers to initial.
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