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Rip Off car rental

I booked a VW Golf through Economy bookings
When I arrived at Green Motion to pick up the car They didn't have a Golf but offered me a small KIA
They guy asked whether I would be doing any motorway driving as the Kia was only a 1.2 and would be useless on the motorway. He offered to upgrade us but at a substantial extra cost. we declined his offer and of course the 1.2 was fine on the motorway.
He then said that the full insurance we had taken out wasn't any good and we would need to take out Greenmotion's insurance at 4 x the cost. We declined, and were fully covered by economy bookings.
He then said we would need to take out a second driver, at extra cost because driving in the UK is very stressful and would be too tiring for 1 driver! We declined
He then said that the rental only included 95 miles a day and that we would need to take unlimited mileage at extra cost. I know UK roads very well and declined.
He then said that narrow country roads were easy to get lost on and we would need a Navigation system, We declined only to find the car already had it installed.
Having rejected all his money making scare tactics we were directed to the vehicle pick up area.
the car was presented but every panel had numerous scratches. we were told we had to examine the car carefully because any scratch not identified would be charged to us. after 20 minutes we lost count of the amount of the damage and rejected the car. The next Car arrived and all the wheels had been scuffed but only 3 noted. we pointed this out to the agent who said he would report it. However when we returned the car the report hadn't been made and we were told we would have to pay for a new wheel! I said surely this is repairable and was then charged 125GBP for the damage. We asked to see a manager who said we would have to give the name of the agent and identify him if he was to consider our claim
I don't make a habit of remembering rental staff faces after 2 weeks later and as they dont wear name tags I couldn't name him either. we had a plane to catch, so the only 2 options were to loose our deposit or pay for the damage.
Greenmotion will try and exploit your lack of geographic and vehicular knowledge. They are there to rip you off . THe staff were rude aggressive and unfriendly. I cannot stress enough do not rent from them !

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