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Green Motion Car Rental is a Scam

I have had a dreadfull, horrific experiance with Green Motion in Stansted on the 10th Feb 2018. They stole deposit money and then abuse me verbally and shoved me when I complained -
But don't even take my word for it - just have a read of all the other thousands of people who have been abused and ripped off by Green Motion Car rental Co - According to the research I have now conducted, Green Motion’s business model and profits seems to be based not on the price of the car rental but more likley on
a) Making a profit from scam insurance claims which is illegal
b) Over selling overpriced insurance to unwitting customers
c) Charging a significant number of customers for unreasonable and unnecessary wear and tear size damage
d) Charging a significant number of customers for pre-existing damage on the cars.
e) Not refunding the excess or part of the excess that are taken by Green Motion
they are also
f) Placing cars out for rental that have not been serviced or cleaned
g)Very rude and aggressive staff attitudes towards customers who complain
h) A series of other complaints around availability of cars that had been booked

All the above is evidenced by the hundreds of similar reports I have found online and by the newspaper articles that have appeared in such respected national broadsheets like The Gaurdian.
For example
The tiny scratches that can result in large bills when you hire a Green Motion car
When does a bodywork scratch turn into a dent? Green Motion will tell you

you would be well advised to have a good read of even some of what so many good innocent people have to say about Green Motion and the scandalous treatment they received.

I am giving you just some of the links here in no particular order as there are so many to choose from ..

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