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Highway Robbery

I rented a car from Green Motion Rental Car Company Heathrow from Oct 23- Nov. 5 at a very good online price. At the time of taking the vehicle I was asked to sign a rental agreement,which is normal procedure. However on return on the vehicle to this company, a guy came to inspect the vehicle as if it is a pc. of precious diamond. walking around and around, checking up and down, all he needed was a magnifying glass. Then he showed me two tiny thread like scratches, each about 3 in. long. He then charged me for 324 English Pounds for these two tiny scratches. Well, I did not know when the scratches were made but he said these were not listed on the initial inspection list. Then he made me sign a damage report and charged me 324 pounds for these tiny little scratcheS. When I protested he showed me a list from Green Motion listing charges to all damages, and the list shows tiny scratches like these would be charged at 324 pounds. this list was never shown to me on signing the agreement. To me this is highway robbery. He and other staff in the office agreed that the cost of fixing these scratches would be about 30 English Pounds and I was charged 324. HE SAID ITS COMPANY POLICY. This is a total disgrace to the English honour system and highly damaging to the tourism industry. I am sure a lot of customers were attracted to the initial low cost of rental and then squeezed for large sum of money like this. My final words are: STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, AS A WORLD TRAVELLER, I HAVE NEVER EVER SEEN A RENTAL CAR COMPANY WHICH MAKES HIGH SUMS OF MONEY BY TRICKING AND SQUEEZING CUSTOMERS LIKE THIS.

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