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Certainly the worst car rental experience !

Certainly the worst car rental experience !

Thanks to Mr Müşteri Hizmetleri and his employees, I just had to pay more than 1200€ for a car rental that should normally cost 200€.
To avoid you the same nightmare, first I will advise you to « not rent with the Ankara SIXT office ! ».
And secondly to pay more if you have to - but « not rent with the SIXT company ! »

To explain you rapidly my first comment on a customer review page, here is the situation :
In June, we have rented a car a the Ankara Sixt Airport office for one week. On the last day of the rent, I hit a sidewalk while i park. Nothing really serious but I had to report it (normal - you break, you pay ... normaly the insurance in this case).
So just after, the incident, I call the Anakra Office to know what should do in this situation. They tell me, to just comme back to the drop in office and explain the situation.
When I done it the next day, the employe told me with signs (because he didn’t speak English) that the insurance will take care of it.

But few days later, with out to be notified, I had 2 withdraws on my bank account for a total of more 1200€. Without anyone telling me what it is about !

When I finally reach the Airport office, they told me that it was for the payement of the repair.
I was shock because : first, it could have been nice to let me know it before to execute the withdraw (because I don’t have this money on my account so I now have to pay interest), the secondly to explain for what it is ?- and thirdly as i have an insurance it could be intelligent to see it first !!

But they simply answered me that they have to charge the full amount of the accident repair because I don’t have made a police report of the accident. Mr Müşteri Hizmetleri (that must certainly be a robot because he show no compassion and like to respond you like you are also a machine too) didn’t want to understand that it was not an accident with some one else but a damage made by myself on a sidewalk.
And when I called the office to know if I have to do something after the damage and I asked it again to the airport office - no one told me about the police report needed.

But of course, it is my fault, if I don’t immediately believe that I should go the see the Turkish police to explain that I hit a side walk during my parking move !

This long message to explain that I had a small damage on my car and I wanted to do all I can to do the thing right in order to repair it. But it was a real nightmare and at the end, I just have the felling that they play me - Using really bad business conduct !

And one more thing ! - don’t try to get some help from your local sit office (French office with Pauline Grasser for example) because they will not help you at all.
They love to said that Sixt is a international company but when you need international hep, it's complicated !!

I hope that my story will help you to do the right choice for your next car rental !

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