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Budget Piarco Scam Artists

Rented a car from Budget Rentals at Piarco Airport. First car we were given was a pile of junk with ten of thousands of miles on it. It overheated and subsequently shut down in the middle of a busy intersection, putting my family's safety in jeopardy. 2nd car delivered was also a wreck, but the a/c worked and we were ready to get back on our way. Fast fwd to returning the car and I asked why I was charged more than our agreed upon cost of $500.00 USD for the rental. This is when the budget staff informed me that I signed their contract where they use a fictitious fraudulent exchange rate of 7 local dollars to the USD. The real exchanged rate varies daily between 6.4 and 6.5 approx. This budget dealer uses fraudulent business practices to extract additional monies for an already horrifically overpriced rental. I would refuse to use them unless they use the legal exchange rate of the current business day. Please don't fall for their deceitful business practices. I asked the budget girl behind the desk several times to make it right and she only said she can do nothing. I asked for manager or owner and was told they were in Cancun Mexico, ironically at a Busget rental car meeting for dealers. I felt everything I was told was a lie and this is how this location does business by fraud and deceit. Shame on you for using a good name like budget and turning it into a 3rd world rip-off scam. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!


Zero customer service. Basically they steal your money and lie to you and say they cannot help.
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