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On the afternoon of Sunday April 21, I rented a car that was mechanically defective. The 1st car they tried to give me had the passenger side interior door handle fall off even before I drove the car. So I asked for a different car. The replacement car was at least 10-years old. The hubcaps were held on with zip ties. the interior smelled funny, the rear side panels were held on with drywall screws. It was obvious that the car had been in numerous wrecks from the horrible way the body was hanging on the car. (I HAVE PICTURES TO PROVE THIS)
At 7:30 AM on Monday April 22, I returned the car, because there were alignment issues. The customer service staff warned me that I may have issues with the return contract. So very soon afterwards I contacted Budget in the US to register my concerns. I was told that they would only charge me for 1-day's rental, and the local . It is now 3-weeks later and the FULL CHARGE is still on my Credit Card, and going into the next billing cycle (so I also have interest charges accruing)
They are also charging an Exchange Rate that is HIGHER than the Trinidad & Tobago Central Bank's approved rate (which I believe is ILLEGAL, so I'm checking with some attorneys).
According to Budget US I was only chafged for 1-day. I had to send a copy of my credit card statement to show that I was being charged the FULL AMOUNT! So even the franchisee in Trinidad is ROBBING Budget US.

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