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AirportGoldcar Car Rental - Reus Tarragona Airport - REU - Spain

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Reus Tarragona Airport
Tarragona - Spain
+34 965 233 180
Emergency Number
+34 902 105 293
Airport Service
On Airport - Counter & Car in Terminal
Is this a Corporate Location?
Yes Yes


09:00 - 15:00
09:00 - 15:00
09:00 - 13:00
09:00 - 17:00
09:00 - 15:00
09:00 - 15:00
12:00 - 18:00
Drop Box for Returns
Yes Yes
After Hours Pickup
Yes - On Request Yes - On Request
After Hours Surcharge
37.00 - flight number essential


Cash / Debit Card Information
Cash/Debit rentals are not possible
Only Visa and Mastercard are accepted
American Express | Diners Club | Postepay | Debit Cards - not accepted
600.00 if additional insurance not purchased - See Insurance section
EUR - Euro


Fuel Policy
Full to Empty
Additional Fuel Information
Flex Fuel is our new fuel system, in which unused fuel reimbursement will apply to ALL reservations. This system has many advantages: flexibility, time and money saver, it will give you access to special offers and low rates in this website and there is no need to refuel the vehicle before it is returned. The cost for Flex Fuel including the fuel tank is charged upon arrival. Fuel reimbursement will be processed at the exact moment of dropping off the vehicle. The price will depend on the fuels market value on the days before the start of the rental period, the vehicle model, the tanks capacity and the type of fuel recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. The price for a fuel tank is based on the average price in the most and least expensive fuel stations around the province of Alicante (for rentals from Spain and the Balearics) and around Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, (for rentals from any of our offices based on the Canary Islands) in accordance to the prices published by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism found here. You can check the approximate price per car group using the links below. The total up front charge = tank capacity x price per litre + Flex Fuel service charge. Refunds will apply to the remaining fuel to the nearest 1/8th of a tank.
Unleaded Fuel Price
Diesel Fuel Price
Vehicle Types Available
  • Manual / Stick Shift
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Estate / Stationwagon
  • Minivan / People Carrier
  • Prestige / Luxury
Diesel Vehicle Availability
Yes - On request for some car groups Yes - On request for some car groups
Automatic charge if car delivered is diesel
Diesel Fee per Day
2.00 per day


Minimum Age
21 years
Must have had a licence for min 1 year
Maximum Age
Young Driver Surcharge
4.50 per day - under 25 years
54.00 maximum per driver per rental
Also applies if licence held less than 4 years
Additional Drivers per Day
4.50 per day per driver
Additional Drivers per Rental
54.00 per rental - 3 max


CDW Price per Day
Included in rental price
Collision Damage Waiver Excess
100.00 Accidents Administration Fee applies in case of damage if SDW is not purchased on arrival
CDW does not cover damage to tyres, tyre rims, vehicle interior, outside rear view mirrors, glass, underside, or damage to the clutch
CDW does not cover fees for recharging the battery, loss of keys, tow truck or transfer by taxi after an accident
CDW does not cover deposit for replacement vehicle or compensation for the days the vehicle cannot be used due to repairs.
These risks may be covered in full or in part by taking out further cover (SDW) when collecting your vehicle.
Super CDW Price per Day
When arriving at the office to collect the vehicle, you will be able to extend your level of cover if desired. The fee and the excess waiver (where applicable) will vary depending on the destination, season, vehicle type and rental period.
Super CDW Excess
Theft Protection Price per Day
Included in rental price
Theft Protection Excess
100.00 Administration Fee applies in case of theft if SDW is not purchased on arrival
WI Price per Rental
Included as part of Super CDW
Windscreen Insurance Excess


GPS Unit
Yes - Subject to Availability Yes - Subject to Availability
90.00 deposit required
GPS Price per Day
GPS Price per Rental
GPS Replacement Price
Baby Capsule
Yes - Subject to Availability Yes - Subject to Availability
Baby Capsule Price per Day
Baby Capsule Price per Rental
Child Seat
Yes - Subject to Availability Yes - Subject to Availability
Child Seat Price per Day
Child Seat Price per Rental
Booster Seat
Yes - Subject to Availability Yes - Subject to Availability
Booster Seat Price per Day
Booster Seat Price per Rental
Snow Chains
No No
Mobile Wifi
Yes - Subject to Availability Yes - Subject to Availability
Mobile Wifi Replacement Price
80.00 deposit taken

One Way Rentals

Domestic One Way Rental Information
One way rentals between Goldcar offices may be available.
These must be requested and confirmed at the time of reservation.
Additional charges may apply.
International One Way Rental Information
May be allowed between Goldcar locations in Spain, Italy and Portugal
Additional Charges may apply.
Request when making reservation
Permitted Cross Border Travel
Travel is allowed into Portugal, France, Andorra and Gibraltar
Forbidden Cross Border Travel
Travel into France and/or Andorra is allowed only if additional travel cover is purchased at the rates shown below.
Cross Border Additional Fees
8.50 per day
Minimum 22.00 per rental
Maximum 66.00 per rental


Maximum Rental Duration
89 days
Mileage Allowed Per Day
Roadside Assistance Available
Yes Yes
Roadside Assistance Price per Day
Roadside Assistance Price per Rental
Ph +34 902 105 276 - 24 hours
Loss of Keys Charge
Up to 280.00 plus tax
Loss of Registration Charge
Up to 280.00 plus tax
Loss of Licence Plate Charge
Up to 280.00 plus tax
Extraordinary Cleaning
150.00 plus tax
Fine Handling Charge
37.00 plus tax
Claim Administration Charge
Up to 150.00 plus tax
Cancellation Policy
A FULL REFUND will be processed if bookings are cancelled more than 1 hour before the pickup time.
NO REFUND for cancellations received less than 1 hour before the pickup time
No Show Fee
No refund for no-shows
Grace Period
59 minutes


If vehicle is returned after the 59 minute grace period, a charge of 37.00 plus an extra days rental will apply. On the other hand, if a client does not receive their car within 59 minutes of signing a rental agreement, Goldcar will compensate the client. Even in the case of a re-directed flight, if a client collects the car from a station that is different from that originally booked, an additional charge of 55.00 will apply.
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Overall rating 
Miles/Kilometres on Pickup 
Location Convenience 
Staff / Quality of Service 
Vehicle Condition - Outside 
Vehicle Condition - Inside 

Goldcar car hire

The vehicle has some minor damage which was pointed out to us by staff and we signed a form to accept it. We hired the vehicle for 25 days and did only 110 km, leaving the car washed, full of fuel and undamaged.


Mentionable Staff
No one worth mention - students
Despite meeting all the criteria for the rental contract, more than month after the rental period we have still not been reimbursed for our fuel and insurance premium, amount which the staff at Rues assured us would be refunded in around two weeks. On return home we have been unable to contact Goldcar who do not publish an email address or respond to requests for help. I have written in Spanish and English and have finally given up. Luckily we paid by credit car and have been refunded some of the money. Beware! the retention of this money verges on fraud. They say that "the money has been unblocked", whatever that means but we have not had any form of correspondence from them. DO NOT USE THEM, we did and the stress ruined our holiday.
Owner's reply
VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service

Dear Kaibil17,

We would like to thank you for the overall possitive feedback you have shared.
We're always improving our services and our customer's opinion is key in order to achieve it.

Regarding the fuel issue you mentioned, please note that all fuel deposits are unblocked or refunded after the car is returned depending on the fuel left at the tank of the car.

We have many different ways to be contacted and we invite you to visit our website to check it:

We hope to see you soon again.

Kind regards,
Victoria R.
Goldcar Representative

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