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First Car Rental, the car rental company more dishonest and band of thieves that you can find.
We hired with them twice during last August in our trip to South Africa. On both occasions we have been deceived and cheated as they kept part of the money of the deposit initially retained in our credit card.
The first case and more fragrant, arriving in Johannesburg wanted to upgrade as we needed a slightly larger trunk. We went from a Chevrolet Spark to a Nissan Micra.
They made us a hold on the credit card of R3000 (South African currency) as a deposit and was told that the upgrade would be charged from there.
The information received by the person who dealt with us at the airport office in Johannesburg was very confused and now we feel cheated, as we were repeatedly told, to our repeated requests for specific information, that the upgrade would be R224 for the set of all days and not per day as has finally been. So that the upgrade has resulted us more expensive that the rental car originally booked. Obviously, if we had known the cost was that much, we had not done the upgrade.
In other words, we have been charged for two vehicles: the Chevrolet Spark firstly when I made the booking and secondly the Nissan Micra that has been full charged with our deposit.

In the second case, although we returned the car with a full tank of gasoline, again some of the money from the deposit has been taken, they say it is to fill up the gas tank, I think what they have done is cleaning the car and whatever they needed with our money.

Therefore, choose another company if you can, to my view, they are thieves and we find an abuse what they have done to us. We rent cars very often in different places when we travel and it never happened anything like this to us.
As I collaborate with various travelling associations and I will report First Car Rental in the same direction here exposed.


As commented above, the service in general has been terrible and dishonest.
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