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Don't rent here. They scammed me with scratches

I rented a Fiat Punto here for 5 days. The car was new, and only had 2 very small scratches when I received the car. (The car was rented out by Avis, but it was owned by some local rental company called Yu Tim)

Upon retuning the car I walked around the car and noticed NO new scratches. Any scratch would have been obvious because the car was so new.

After I returned the key, they made me wait some time so they could inspect the car themselves. They found 2 long but very undeep scratches in the front bumber of the car that certainly were not there when I parked the car 20 minutes before.

My protests obviously made no difference. I had to pay 400 euro on the spot, whilst the scratches could have been easily removed with polish and 2 minutes of work.

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