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Vehicle Broke Down. Abandoned on Freeway. Stranded on freeway for hours with negligent followup.

We rented a vehicle from Alamo at Pearson International airport. The new 2014 Ford escape we were given broke down just 15 minutes from the airport. We were stranded on the freeway. We phoned Alamos roadside assistant line and were told someone was on their way and asked for our phone numbers. 1 hour after our call, no show no call. 2 hours after our call, no show no call. So we called back the roadside assistance line Alamo uses and were told it would be another 3 hours. My husband was so angry at the abandonment from Alamo we called Alamos phone number at the Airport too and were told there was nothing they could do and to deal with the roadside assistance. No apology given. Stunned we waited as we were approaching hour 3 and finally after 2.5 hours we see a tow truck.

The most disappointing point about the whole experience was the utter lack of follow-up care and concern from any of the parties at the breakdown, our situation, and the prolonged length of time we were stranded for. From where we were stranded on the freeway to Alamos location at the airport was only 15 minutes!!

We called back to Alamo airport endless times after our breakdown to get no answer. They don't answer phone calls when they are busy we were told. So in the end, after returning the car, we were adamant that we did not want to pay for our rental car bill given the prolonged wait(given how close were already to the airport when it broke down), how 2.5 hours to be stranded was unacceptable, and how frustrated we were by the lack of communication by everyone from Roadside to the Airport to help us soon. And for all of that the Manager(Donna) said to my husband she would give us 10% off. End of story. We will never be returning to Alamo. Bottom line: Questionable reliability of cars and when your on your own, be prepared to help yourself. Their followup service is poor if your stranded and for all the suffering you endure, they still expect you to pay full price! It would have been faster for us to walk the freeway back to the airport close enough away than to sit in a broken down vehicle for 3 hours.

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