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be aware-not recommanded

Location Dollar in Managua airport
For the location convenience-the problem for me was that : the office in Leon was close on Good Friday so I was forced to go to Managua. I supposed it's close for the weekends

For the staff, in fact was ok, it's just after I have the problems with somebody.
On the drop off I had a dammage. In my oppinion, I'm not seen the dammage, the rim-wheel, when I inspected the car on I pick-up, I was looking for the several scratchs and littles dammages on the body of the car. Maybe it's the tactics for they, I don't know, make look elsewhere to hide another dammages.
So, after one month, I received an email with the value of the repair and they took the money from my credit card. I wanted to communicata with they, I send the emails, no answers, nothing. Not a professional custommer service

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