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(Updated: August 12, 2016)
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They simply destroy my vacations in Malta!

At 07/28/2016 I rent the car from your online website, in Malta. They charge me the cost for 5 days and after I sign the paper, they told me that I have to pay extra for the insurance. It was in the contract so I did. But after that they ask me again, to hold an extra amount of 200€! I did not see it anywhere written, and they inform me about it AFTER I pay 212 for car+insurance. I was whiling to do that, but only with cash (that would be provided from a friend), because I did not have any extra money in my credit card, and if I was going to lose an extra amount of 200€, I could have a huge problem, since I was in vacation and I was in need of some money obviously! I explain to them the facts and they said to me that they do not accept cash! For that reason, I decide that I do not want the car any more because I was going to be left in Malta, in a foreign country, with no money! They simply say that they do not care and that if I choose to not receive the car, I have to pay 87.25 plus the insurance, PLUS an extra 63€ fee for not doing my cancellation 24 hours ago! So I would have to pay 275€ for NOTHING. No car! No nothing! As you can imagine at this point I realize that I made a huge mistake for trusting those people, and therefore GoldCar company as well! So the 275€ for nothing was not acceptable, so I decide to let them hold the extra 200€ from my card. After 1.5 hour that I waited standing up in the line (with countless other customers) I receive the keys for the car. (that was at 13:00) I took the car, I went to my destination, and after a few hours, I try to return to my home when I saw that I have no head lights! They gave me a car with NO proper operating head lights! I was almost blind, especially in parts of the street that there was no proper lighting (which is the case in most roads in Malta)! Because it was dangerous for myself and my friends in the car, we decide to leave the car and return by bus. The next day I went back, 30+ km away, I took the car and I went back in the airport to ask them to fix the issue. I arrived at 16:10 and your employee told me that the mechanic was gone 10 minutes ago! I told him that since it’s a simple light bulb, he can change it, or even I can if this is not his job! He simply told me that I have to come back again tomorrow! When I explain to him that I live away from the airport and that I can not drive this car at night because it was unsafe, he literally told me that HE DO NOT CARE, with an ironic smile on his face! After that ridiculous respond I left the place and never got back! There was no reason to trust that ANY of those employees will do his job PROPERLY the next time. So I was in vacation, I rent a car from your company, I pay 412€ for 5 days, a lot of extra money for no reason, I was left in a foreign country with no money, and I could not use my car half of the day, because someone did not do a proper inspection before handing the car over to me! If all of that is acceptable to you, it is definitely not for me! But that was not the only problems! At 8/2/2016 I went back to hand over the car, with full tank, no damages, and no police tickets. I ask them about how many days will it take for the release of the 200€. 2 different people told me that it will be 2-3 days! I went back at 8/6/2016 the day that I was leaving Malta and ask them again since the money was not released! They told me again… in 2-3 days! Today is 12/8/2016, and I can not see any funds released yet! The bottom line is that you as a company destroy my vacations, they actually told me that they DO NOT CARE about all of those issues, you left me with no money, your gave me a dangerous vehicle not properly inspected before handing it over to the client, and so far you did not gave me back my money! This is not acceptable and from this point forward I will see it as a fraud! I will contact my bank, and my legal advisor for the next step! You company gave me the WORST experience ever. And of course... no body have answered my emails yet!


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All Office and Parking employees
The most disrespectful and ignorant employees that i have ever saw.
Owner's reply
VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service

Hola Kim,

First of all, we want to apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused. Please, believe us when we tell you this is a not usual situation. In fact, we've involved different departments in order to know all the information about this situation.

We invite you to contact us to
There, you can open a query so our Customer Service can investigate and see what happened in order to help you.

Please, accept our appologize and he hope to see you again.

Victoria R.
Goldcar Representant

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VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service Written by VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service
August 15, 2016
Good morning Theodoros,

In order to solve your case we would like to study harder it. Please, if yor are so kind to send us an email to We just need your contact number and a littel explanations about your complaints. We will try to give you a solution as soon as posible.

Victroria R.

In reply to an earlier comment

Theodoros Written by Theodoros
August 21, 2016
I did send you that email that you ask me to do... but guess what!
Again... no answer!

My legal adviser and my bank have already took actions!
Have a nice day...
Theodoros Written by Theodoros
November 09, 2016
Who is "Kim"?

You are SO bad at what you do... that you even fail to a simple copy and paste!
You paste the SAME freaking answer to all of your clients, without even checking the "name" section!
You are an absolute disgrace!!
3 results - showing 1 - 3